Hello, I’m Vinod Singh

Fastlane Freedom is working towards ‘Enhancing Lives of Millions’ by Resetting people’s Beliefs to Transform their Financial Life. We believe that so many peoples are suffering in life due to false beliefs. Their financial, personal & social lives are having a lot of stress. So, on this platform we share thoughts based on scientific facts, real life case studies & our own knowledge.

Many of us know that worldwide only 1.7 % people own 97% of wealth. Why this trend remain same, why majority of the people suffer financially in their life? Can we change our financial life? If yes…How?
As millions of people are not able to get what they want in their lives. As life itself is a whole universe, so we limit our focus on financial life, which indirectly or directly affect all other aspects of life. Most of the time we are not financially successful due to our FALSE BELIEFS set in our mind.


“Your beliefs become your thoughts… Your thoughts become your words… Your words become your actions… Your actions become your habits… Your habits become your values… Your values become your destiny…(Personal as well as Business)”
People believe the greatest problem they face is that they think they are running their lives with the wishes, desires, and aspirations created by their conscious mind. When they struggle or fail to attain their goals, they are generally concluded that they are victims of outside forces preventing them from reaching their destination. However, neuroscience has now established that the conscious mind runs the show, at best, only about 5 percent of the time. It turns out that the programs acquired by the subconscious mind shapes 95 percent or more of our life experience.

We make people understand how they can change their financial life by resetting beliefs and reprogramming Subconscious mind. We believe that people are not victims of their genes, but masters of their fates, able to create lives overflowing with wealth, peace, happiness and love. We are here to move millions from this stressful life to an abundance life.

So here you will find life changing content to transform your financial life originating from yourself. Your beliefs, after resetting towards abundance can do wonders in your life than you currently think.

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